Tenant Engagement Officer

Túath Engagement Officer

We are delighted to announce that Túath Housing will be rolling a new initiative across the country. The new Tenant Engagement Officer is our former Housing Services Co-ordinator, Mick Mooney. Having studied community work and youth work in Maynooth University and worked in the community and voluntary sector for many years, Mick is extremely passionate about community work and whole heartily believes that it can complement the existing good work of Túath Housing.

Mick explains why he took up the role: “I have really enjoyed my time working as a Housing Services Co-ordinator and it was great to see the impact Túath Housing is making in people’s lives. When the opportunity became available I decided to put myself forward because of the benefits that community work can have for tenants and communities. I have extensive experience in this area and I am really excited about demonstrating the knowledge, skills and qualities required to fulfil such a role, and equally, how this new initiative will bring residents and Túath Housing even closer.”

Over the next few months Mick will be meeting Housing Services Co-ordinators in Túath’s regional offices around the country to discuss the new initiative and work collectively with residents to improve their communities. Mick believes that at the heart of all good community work and for this process to be successful, the ownership of this process should fundamentally be with residents. He also believes that empowerment of residents will ultimately allow the initiative to grow and evolve. Mick has worked with a wide range of communities and minority groups and his expertise has been well documented on various national media outlets such as RTE’s nationwide programme.

Túath would like to see is residents working collectively with their local community and Túath Housing in creating a better society for all. If you are interested and would like to hear more. Please contact Mick at m.mooney@tuathhousing.ie or 01 6761602.