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Housing Management


Tuath Housing Association work in partnership with all Local Authorities with an aim to create socially responsible and sustainable communities where people want to live.

By liaising with the housing allocations sections of the relevant local authority, we ensure that all applicants are interviewed, and are Garda vetted before moving into our homes.   Keeping in mind our desire for a balanced age and working profile, we aim to have a good age range of tenants, both adults and children, working and non-working, different cultures etc.

All tenants are required to participate in a tenant Induction process in advance of moving into their new homes. Once tenants have moved into their homes we work closely with the local statutory and community-based agencies to ensure that tenants are provided with services where this is needed.

A pro-active housing management program promotes a sustainable community this includes but is not limited to:

  • Working with in the Residential Tenancies Part 4 Legislation
  • Caretaking initiatives
  • Cash reserves for long term maintenance planning
  • Comprehensive annual scheme and unit’s inspection program
  • Quality repairs service, 24/7/365 response
  • True Affordability based on the differential rent scheme
  • Sustainable allocations and lettings planning
  • Tenant participation/community cohesion initiatives


On behalf of Tuath Housing, thank you to every resident who has over the last few weeks made it their priority to adhere to the HSE Guidelines to protect communities from the further spread of COVID-19.

These are unchartered and unprecedented times and your positive actions regarding Physical/Social Distancing and Hand and Respiratory Hygiene are and will significantly assist in slowing the spread of COVID-19.

“It is within communities that the battle against COVID-19 will be won”

In Tuath Housing, we are really encouraged by the positive attitude and resilience that residents have displayed. It is in the spirit of community that we would like to remind everyone of some of the steps that should and can be taken during this period:

Hand and Respiratory Hygiene

  1. Please practice good hand and respiratory hygiene as guided by the HSE
  2. Wash your hands or sanitise your hands regularly and immediately on entry to your property
  3. If you need to cough and sneeze please do so into a tissue, scarf or your elbow as directed by the HSE.
  4. Please carefully dispose of used tissues, hand wipes, disposable gloves placing them in tied plastic bags and placing them within the general waste bins.
  5. Where applicable when disposing of your general household waste, please put refuse bags into the general waste bins provided

Physical/Social Distancing

  1. Please adhere to the 2-meter Physical/Social Distance as guided by the HSE
  2. Where possible stand 2- meter back to allow other Residents/ Caretakers to enter or leave common areas via main entrance routes
  3. Please do not allow Children to play in the Internal common areas
  4. Where applicable and possible, when using the lift please use it individually or with those whom you share your household
  5. Where applicable and possible, please use the stairway and avoid using the lift leaving it free for those who are less mobile.
  6. When using external common area space, groups should be no more than 4 people unless from the same household
  7. Please do not use the playground

Community Spirit

  1. A kind word, a smile, a nod is always welcome.
  2. Give your neighbour your contact details and offer your assistance when or if needed
  3. If you are going to the shop, ask your more vulnerable neighbours if they require groceries etc
  4. Arrange to deliver the paper daily to those more vulnerable and less mobile
  5. Everyone should be able have the quiet enjoyment of their home – so don’t play your music or TV loudly and keep the noise level down.

Tuath is still operating to our Normal Office Working hours 9.00 am to 5.00pm Mon- Thurs and 9.00 am to 4.30pm on Fridays.

  • On-Site Service to your development (Caretaking Service, Bin Collection Services, Cleaning) continues to operate as normal.
  • If your enquiry is of an urgent nature during office hours, please contact us by phone by ringing our main number Dublin 01-6761602, Cork 021- 4273508 Louth 042-9423400 and  Galway 091-393280.
  • Our out of Office Hours Emergency Only Line 048 9042 1010  continues to operate outside office hours from 5.00pm to 9.00am for EMERGENCIES ONLY and should ONLY be called in the event of an EMERGENCY. (Fire, Flood, Power Outage)

Again, we thank you, for your cooperation at this time and for the community spirit being demonstrated.