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Tenant Engagement

Tuath Housing is committed to continual engagement by involving our tenants in a wide range of activities. We want to provide all tenants with a range of opportunities to have a say about how their housing services are delivered. It is a two-way process where we value tenant engagement and recognise it as a vital component to improving our service and increasing participation in local communities.

Register Your Interest

If you would like to get involved in setting up a resident’s group, organising an event in your scheme or would like more information on tenant engagement please fill out the form below:



    There are many types of engagement you can get involved in, get in touch with our tenant engagement team and we can help you to find the best type of engagement that best suits the time you have to give. If you would like to get involved in any of the areas below please register your interest.

    Type of Engagement Level of commitment
    Join a Residents’ Group

    Represent your scheme and community on a wide range of issues by being part of a Residents’ Group in your area. Residents’ groups run events for children, older people and activities for all residents.


    Our Tenant Engagement Officers will support and advise residents’ groups on how to set up and run a successful group.


    Meetings are arranged as and when required – 1- 1.5 hours per meeting.


    Once established meetings can take place by zoom during certain times.

    Organise an event where you live

    Our Tenant Engagement Officers will support and advise residents on how to set up and run a successful event where you live.


    Many residents’ groups will run events throughout the year.

    This can be done on a seasonal basis such as Easter, Summer, Halloween or Christmas. It can also be a clean up day, family fun day or celebrating neighbours day etc. There are many events and activities to get involved in.


    Every two/ three months for 1 ½ – 3 hours


    Take a Survey

    Respond to surveys or comment on specific service areas which you are interested in from home.

    We can contact you by text, post, email or telephone. Time required, as little as 10-15 minutes.
    Residents Magazine

    Write an article or share photos to showcase the events/ activities in your community for our Residents’ Magazine.

    The Residents Magazine is published bi – annually.
    Residents’ scheme representative

    Meet with housing and property services staff to accompany staff on visits around where you live to seek enhancements.

    Annually for 1 hour


    Join the Tenant Engagement Working Group

    To help housing staff look at the services Tuath Housing provide to review strategy and enhance improvements to housing services.

    Every quarter for 2 hours. Public transport expenses will be re reimbursed.


    General Enquiry

    If you would like to find out any information relating to tenant engagement please register your interest.

    Register your interest below and a member of our tenant engagement team will get in touch with you.