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Download: How to use your Storage Heaters


Underfloor Heating:

Tuath Housing has been consulting with tenants who have underfloor heating in their dwellings in relation to understanding the best way to control the underfloor heating system. Underfloor heating does not respond in the same way as gas central heating or electric storage heating. There is much longer heat-up and cool-down times for underfloor heating compared to conventional radiator systems. Tenants, who have been familiar with radiator systems, may be used to not utilising the pre-set times on the programmer and simply switching the room thermostat up on entering a room / dwelling and feeling the warmth from the radiators within a matter of minutes. Underfloor heating does not operate like this and it can be difficult for some occupants who, on entering a room / dwelling that hasn’t been heated for a few hours, want immediate warmth. It can take underfloor systems a number of hours to heat-up from cold. The only option is to correctly pre-set the programmer on / off times allowing plenty of heat-up time.

Download: Heating Checklist from Gas Wise