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Rent Calculations

Rent Calculations

Rent Assessment

Tuath is committed to maintaining affordable rents for people on low incomes.
Rents are, in the main, set by one of the following schemes:

Capital Assistance Schemes

Rents are determined by taking into account the tenant’s means and the cost of providing and maintaining the dwelling.
Rent allowance is payable for those eligible tenants who satisfy a means test under the Supplementary Welfare Allowance Scheme administered by the HSE.

Differential Rent Scheme

The scheme calculates your rent dependent upon your income. Each household’s rent is calculated as a percentage of the household income. A copy of the rent calculation is included with your offer of tenancy.

Confidential Income Statement

Between every January and April, Tuath Housing Association reviews and calculates all rents and incomes, all rent changes will be applicable from the 1st April. All forms must be filled in and returned no later than the 23rd February.