Rent Arrears

What happens if you don’t pay your rent?
It is essential to pay rent. Failure to pay rent regularly can lead to eviction.

What if I have problems paying my rent?
If you have any difficulties paying your rent it is vital that you contact your Housing Services Co-ordinator as soon as possible. Confidential help and advice is available and staff will do all they can to assist you and prevent you getting further into debt.

If I get into rent arrears, what will happen?
Depending on the amount of rent arrears the following action may be taken by the Association: 1) We will offer advice on how to manage your debt or refer you to a money advice centre (i.e. MABS) 2) We will endeavour to reach a repayment agreement with you. 3) A ‘Notice To Quit’ may be issued which can remain in force for twelve months.

Court Action
If you still do not pay during this 12 month period we shall seek recovery through the Courts. This will mean that:

  • you will be responsible for all legal costs in addition to your arrears
  • you could be evicted from your home
  • you may have difficulty getting credit or a loan in the future
  • you may be considered ‘intentionally homeless’ if you apply for rehousing
  • we will not be able to give you a reference for mortgage lenders

At all times, remember that the Association will help with advice, form-filling etc. in the strictest confidence. In the event of exceptional, unforeseen and genuine financial hardship you may apply to the Association for a discretionary reduction in rent for a brief limited period.