PRESS STATEMENT 17th June 2016


Túath wholeheartedly welcomes the report. It is a brave start in the repair of a completely broken housing market. Massive intervention by the State in both the public and private sectors was overdue. Measures to increase the supply of new homes but particularly social housing is the right thing to do. The building of tens of thousands of social homes will not only give hope to families on Council waiting lists but also to those currently priced out of private renting and ownership by increasing overall supply and reducing demand.

Seamus Doherty, Túath’s Chairman stated; ‘’Now has never been a better time for the State to borrow to build. With Ireland currently able to borrow at historically low interest rates, public investment in social housing will not only provide enormous short term economic benefits to the country but also provide a platform to help support long term, sustainable economic growth via the provision of affordable homes. The less money required by hard working families to pay in rent is more money to spend in the real economy and it helps to sustain a more attractive job creation environment for employers. At Túath we would like to see access to both social and affordable renting broadened, by allowing middle income families access to social and affordable housing without negatively impacting on lower income families.’’ 

Chief Executive, Sean O’Connor added; ‘’Is it really asking too much for families to have an expectation of being able to find a decent home they can afford to rent or buy? Is it too much to ask for choice in housing tenures and types and price ranges? In any properly functioning market, competition ensures choice and choice ensures competition. If we are not careful, ownership in high demand areas will become the exclusive privilege of property investors and the very well off. It is crucial for society that affordable public housing is built to provide homes for those shut out of our dysfunctional housing market. Túath is committed to playing its part in collaboration with Local Authorities to deliver these new homes and is on schedule to deliver 500 homes for social renting this year. In our view a Housing Association home is no different to a Council home, both are Public Housing.’’

Notes : Túath Housing is approved and registered for voluntary housing with the DECLG and the Housing Regulator. Túath is a certified borrower with the Housing Finance Agency and the European Investment Bank. The Association currently provides over 2,500 social homes in over twenty local authorities at an average rent of €55 per week, helping to serve the affordable housing needs of local communities. The Association is managed by a team of board members drawn from volunteer professionals, who donate their services and time for free. The Association is a not-for-profit company, regulated by the State Housing Regulator, a member of the Irish Council for Social Housing and an approved voluntary housing association with charitable status. The Association provides social housing at low rents to those on Council waiting lists including single people, families, older people and people with disabilities.                                                        

June 17th, 2016