Repair and Leasing Scheme

Repair and Leasing Scheme

Note to Property Owners: Do you own a property that has been empty for more than a year?

Túath Housing is delighted to work in partnership with Dublin City Council to help owners of vacant properties bring them back into use and provide much needed homes for those in need.

If you are the owner of a property that has been empty for more than a year in the North West of Dublin (specifically Finglas, Cabra or Ballymun) and the property needs improvement works to make it comply with rental accommodation standards then Túath could help.

Under the ‘Repair and Leasing Scheme’, Túath could pay upfront for any works needed to bring your property up to the required standard and enter into a lease agreement with you to enable the property to be used as much needed social housing.

Under the terms of the lease, Túath become responsible for the day to day management and maintenance of the property as well as dealing with any tenant related issues that might arise. We provide you with guaranteed rent regardless of occupancy and assurances over the condition of the property when it is returned to you at the end of the lease, which would be for a minimum of a 10-year period. As the property owner, you would retain responsibility for the structure of the building and if an apartment, for any service charge payments due to the management company.

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Please contact Túath at if you are interested in making your property available under the Repair and Leasing Scheme.

If you own a property that has been empty for a at least a year and are interested in the above scheme but the property is outside of Dublin City, please contact as the relevant Local Authority may also be taking part in the Repair and Leasing Scheme.

August 4th, 2017