Delivery Methods

Delivery Methods

Procurement Methods:

Turnkey Acquisitions

Túath prides itself on being the fastest growing approved housing body in the country with nearly 800 units delivered in 2017. The main method of this delivery is via Turney acquisitions with private developers. Túath has access to a variety of financial streams including the Department of Housing, Planning & Local Government, the Housing Finance Agency, European Investment Bank and the main pillar Lending institutions.

Túath purchases additional units above developer’s Part V obligations on new build schemes and unfinished estates whilst maintain and creating sustainable communities.

Case Studies – Turnkey – Thornwood, Dunville, Liscorrie

Part V Acquisitions

Túath works in partnership with all local authorities and private developers regarding the fulfilment of Part V obligations.

Case Studies – Churchfields, Glenherron, Barnwell, Ardilea, Maoilin

Secondhand Acquisitions

Túath has access to funding to acquire second-hand homes from all avenues such as sales agents, receivers, investors and developers.

Case Studies – Second Hand Acquisitions – Harolds Court, Timber Mills

Private Leasing Scheme

Private leasing was introduced as a method of using private housing stock to provide social housing, via long term leasing.

The initiative allows the private owner to enter into a long term lease agreement, normally between 10 and 20 years with Túath who in turn rent the units to people on the relevant Local Authority housing list.

Private leasing provides many benefits including; meeting housing need, occupying vacant units, guaranteed monthly rents to the owner, a fixed term lease, regular inspections by our staff and a property returned to the owner with vacant possession, if required at the end of the term.

Túath are currently working with a number of developers and Local Authorities to provide social housing at various locations throughout the Country. If you are interested in working with the Association on this initiative, please contact our New Business Development Manager, Martin Loughran via email –

Case Studies: Connolly Court Cavan, Church St Dundalk, Monastery Terrace Cork

Link to our Landlord Leasing Information Pack

Social Leasing Initiative

Túath is proud to work in collaboration with Councils on new build, leasing and managing agent of their schemes. We have been at the forefront of these initiatives for some years, highlighting the fact that the organisation is about more than just property ownership. We have been assisting Councils for some years to manage their housing stock on a not for profit basis.

The impact of Part V under the Planning & Development Act 2000 increased the supply of affordable homes across the country, which lay unsold across several councils. Túath has taken on the role in this initiative to manage these homes on behalf of the Local Authority. As a result, this allows the council to maximise the use of unsold stock whilst meeting current housing needs with rents set at an affordable level, based on the Local Authority Differential Rent.

Case Studies – French Mullen, Quarry Road, Hansfield, Tallaght Cross


Túath is working in partnership with a number of Local Authorities to construct new build homes on Túath led schemes. Our inhouse construction team has vast experience in the Design & Build process with execution via the Part VIII planning process. Our inhouse team manages the procurement, design, funding and project management of each scheme.

Case Studies – Construction – Sundial House, Clos na Manach Carlingford, Raleigh Square

Design & Build

Our inhouse construction team has created a procurement process which incorporates the creation of a Development Agreement which allows Túath to fund developer led Design & Build schemes at various stages.

Case Studies – Design and Build – Fitzherbert Wood, The Meadows Cork

Mortgage to Rent

The Mortgage to Rent (MTR) scheme is a government scheme to help homeowners who are at risk of losing their homes due to mortgage arrears. It lets homeowners in mortgage difficulty switch from owning their home to renting their home as social housing tenants. The scheme is overseen by the Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government and is administered by the Housing Agency.

You will find further information on the Mortgage to Rent website